Creating A Unique Experience Through Decorative Glass

When creating art a wide range of mediums have been used.  One of the more popular and innovative ways of making art is on glass.  With the creation of decorative glass art sarasota fl many artists have found a new way to express themselves and have a functional piece that people will purchase and use.

Decorative tables

Tables are probably the most common item created using decorative glass.  When using decorative glass in table’s people can find a unique piece that will go into a living room or as a side table.  These patterns in the glass will reflect light and cast shadows making the table feel as it is coming alive when used.

Wall art

decorative glass art sarasota fl

Wall art is also very popular with decorative glass.  When we hang glass on the walls we can add a countless array of lighting options to show off the piece.  Hanging track lighting, different color led lights and even having the colors cycle will make your wall art different every time.

With many wall art pieces the patterns are abstract.  This allows you to hang them in different configurations and even stagger them in eye catching patterns.

Wall Clocks

Another functioning item you can have with decorative glass is to have wall clocks.  The face of the clock can be a unique design with the numbers etched into the glass accented by gold leaf or silver.  When using colored glass like this you are adding a focal point to the room that you know people will be looking at.

Be creative

When using decorative glass creativity is your medium.  The ability to make fun and unique patterns, accent them with light and even create functional pieces out of them really allows for a brand new way to accent your home, office and life.