Understanding Pool Basics

The game of pool or billiards is a fairly easy game to understand but will take years of practice to master.  For the novice looking at the game one may think that all you are doing is hitting balls with a stick around a pool table.  Well, there is a lot more to consider when looking at pool tables spearfish sd


The game of pool is built on the concept of geometry.  To start with we are working on a flat rectangular surface.  At each corner of the rectangle we have holes known as pockets.  There is also another set of pockets on either side dead center of the table.  The game is all based on hitting balls around the table and getting them into the pockets.  To do this successfully you need to know angles, force and other concepts at the heart of geometry.

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The game of pool is played with a series of tools.  The first is the cue stick.  This stick is fat on one end and taped at the other.  We use the smaller tapered end to knock balls around the table in the hopes of knocking them into the pockets.


The sport is played by knocking a series of balls around the table.  There are four types of balls.  The first is the cue ball.  This is the large white ball that players use to knock the others into the pockets.  High Balls are the balls that don’t have a stripe and low balls that do have a stripe.  There is also a black ball known as the eight ball.  Depending on what game of pool you are playing this can be a good ball to hit or a bad ball.  Typically the game is won by the person who knocks in all of their balls and then the eight ball.