5 Fun Things To Do In Colorado During The Summer

Whether you live in Colorado or just happen to be visiting for the weekend, you are probably looking for exciting activities to do in the Centennial State. Below are 5 great ways to spend your time! 

1.  Go Hiking

Did somebody say Rocky Mountains? Beautiful Colorado has some of the top hiking trails in the country, with its various geography and landscapes. Spend a day hiking the Rocky Mountains, or take a leisurely walk along one of the state’s rivers. If you want to make it an all-day adventure, you can pack a picnic lunch!

2.  Swim in a Natural Spring

Colorado’s snow-capped mountain peaks and chilly winters mean that summer time is filled with roaring rivers and fresh open water springs as the melted snow rushes down from the mountains. Swimming in one of Colorado’s natural springs is the perfect way to cool down after a hot day in the sun. 

3.  Unwind at the Spa

After a busy workweek, you are more than due for some ‘you’ time. Whether you buy your friend or traveling companion a spa gift card cherry creek and go together, or you head to the spa as a solo adventure, the chill music and variety of stone and massage treatments are sure to put you in the right headspace.

4.  Enjoy a deluxe dinner

You’ve defiantly been working hard all week, so why not treat yourself to some good food? In the heart of the west, Colorado specializes in their variety of bison and boysenberry cuisine, but also offers classics such as steaks and seafood.

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5.  Attend a concert 

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, then you know Colorado is home to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a large event venue hosting a variety of artists throughout the year. With its state of the art acoustics, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. After all, who doesn’t love live music?

No matter what you decide to do, Colorado is sure to have something for everyone.